BeA compressors

The power in the background

Powerful compressors from BeA ensure that your tools do not run out of steam.

Our compressors reliably ensure the supply to your pneumatic tools, whether small and handy for quick use by the customer or as an extremely powerful construction site tool that delivers up to 240 litres per minute.

For a comparison, our strip nailer R 130-957, a device that can drive up to 130 mm long nails, requires about 6 litres for a fastening process. With our strongest compressor you can drive in up to 40 nails per minute without problems.

Contact us and we will be pleased to help you find the right compressor for your requirements.

Under pressure - our compressors

BeA K 160-6

BeA K 270-20 ölfrei

BeA KV 350-15

K160 / BeA SKS 650-228


Tools for your compressor

Find the right pneumatic tool. For staples, nails or pins.

The BeA Skater System

A basis for three tools. The BeA Skater system paves the way for your serial production.

“The taming of the screw...”

Electronic, battery or compressed air. BeA supplies the POWER OF FASTENING.