BeA is number 1 for packaging and pallet repairers

Anyone who has ever experienced how pallets are repaired or large industrial packaging is made knows what is important: hard physical work and extreme demands on the performance of our machines.

This is where the POWER OF FASTENING comes to life. We are proud to make tools and fasteners that can deliver high performance in these demanding and sometimes adverse environments.

Our customer service also ensures a fast and smooth supply of spare parts. If required we can organise the regular maintenance of your equipment pool and if a nailer should fail, we provide you immediately with a replacement.

Automated production

BeA coil nailers can be integrated excellently in swap bodies. See for yourself


Top tools for packers and pallet builders

BeA 802 DCC

  • for nail type

  • BDC

  • in lengths of

  • 50 - 83 mm

  • Ø 2,5 - 3,3 mm

BeA 180/65-835 C

  • for staple type

  • 180

  • in lengths of

  • 40 - 65 mm

  • .

BeA R130-959 E

  • for nail type

  • R 20

  • in lengths of

  • 90 - 130 mm

  • Ø 3,8 - 5,0 mm


  • for nail type


  • in lengths of

  • 70 - 90 mm

  • Ø 3,4 - 4,0 mm

With us you are in good hands, because we know a lot about your business

Experts for fastening technology

Our expert team is here for you. We have professionals from a wide variety of customer industries. We speak your language.

BeA expertise in your area

Our area managers are happy to come to you. We look after our customers because there is no substitute for personal contact.

Professional research in our product catalogue

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